2019 May 27

24 Children’s Bedroom Accessories that Will Transform the Room


Redesigning kid’s room is exciting. Have you ever thought why? Not only you get a chance to create a safe space for your kids, but also get to realize some of your childhood dreams. For many of us, kids’ bedrooms become another opportunity to dive right into childhood and play with cool accessories. But redesigning the entire room is not always an option. That is when children’s bedroom accessories can help.

The variety of accessories available now is endless. The only thing to remember when choosing the right one is that the child will be both studying, playing children’s bedroom accessories should only enhance kids’ comfort and make the space feel more welcoming.

With that important principle in mind, we have guide a guide with cool children’s bedroom accessories ideas. It will help you spice up the childhood of your kids and turn it into a picture-like room without having to spend a fortune.

How to create a perfect room?

When just diving into the world of children’s bedroom accessories, you might need a little guidance. Not the elements themselves make a room better, but the way they work together makes them special. So, before you pick the right accessory, follow things out of the way.

1. Look around (in real life or online)

If you have never designed a room before, you might struggle with where to start. Pinterest is a great place to start your research. All you need to do is type in ‘ children’s bedrooms,’ and the endless possibilities will keep your scrolling for hours. But you will get to know what styles of the room are there and which ones are for you.

2. Connect the dots

Understand what those images have in common — it might be the color pallet, or the design, overall feel, or a theme. After you determine what connect those images you like, it might be easier to make choices and move on with them.

3. Make choices and stick with them

After you have looked through all the options and understood what makes all of those images so likable, it is time to make choices. It is unnecessary, but if you want your room to look coherent and beautiful, you better not skip the step.

Pick a color scheme, the educational toys you want to have, try to understand how many of the decorations you are ready to put together yourself. After you have made choices and created a vivid picture in your mind of what the room should look like, it is time to dive right into it and pick the right accessories for your room.


Lights are amongst the transformative design elements of the room. They are the children’s room accessories that will make the room feel very different. Imagine a light lit with a bright pink light, or even adding a small chain of Christmas lights to your room. They should not mess with their studying and should not damage the eye. With all the variety of lights available on the market right, it is hardly a problem.

  • Cool-shaped table lights (choose the one shaped like your kid’s favorite character)
  • Wall lights (use stickers to tell a story and make them look even cooler)
  • LED Fairy Lights (those lights might not be practical, but will help add a special touch to the room)
  • Night lights (to make sure your kids don’t damage their sight when reading and playing in bed)


Of course, furniture is a big part of any room design. But while changing the entire room’s furniture is rarely an option, adding small statement furniture is not difficult. Not only they will have a practical application but also add to the overall design of the room. The other thing that makes those children’s bedroom accessories great is that with the customization options, your kid will also get to choose the images they want to have improved on the thing. It will be their unique decoration that would end up looking very expensive but would not cost you much at all. Perfect, isn’t it?

  • Eco-friendly furniture (look cute and don’t harm the environment)
  • Tents (a safe place to ‘escape’ from the real world)
  • Stair-like shelves (add a cool touch to the room)
  • Small tables for a play (multi-factional — kids will use it when eating, playing, drawing, etc.)

Wall, Floor, and Ceilings

Here is where you can let your creativity shine through in its entirety. Your wall, floor, and ceilings are like an open canvas. There are countless Children’s Bedroom Accessories you can use to completely transform the room without having actually to redesign it completely. They can help you add a unique touch to the room and freshen it up, without letting you break a bank. You can use them to add new colors or let the unique personality of your child shine.

  • Flags and custom-made stickers (the real secret of all picture-like rooms)
  • Paintings, posters, and canvases (design the room with favorite images of your kids)
  • Creative carpets (they will keep your kids warm, add colors to the room, and can even be incorporated into play)
  • Maps and other educational decorations (not only they look great — but your kids will also have something they can study when they are bored)

Toys and Games

A children’s room without toys and games is not quite a children’s room. But they need not be random too. You can use them to make your kids’ room feel more special. There are countless of options here. They are a necessity, so why not make them serve a purpose?

  • Stuffed toys (a must-have of any children’s room — to make them look more interesting, try to match the colors scheme)
  • Puzzles and tabletop games (your kids will be happy to engage with something ‘real’)
  • Role-playing toys (they take up more space, but end up being the favorite toys of the kids)
  • Craft supplies (the rooms with them more lively)


It is time to put the statues, the piggy banks, and other gifts to use. After you have decided on a specific color scheme, you can select the toys that fit with the interior the best. Those small things will transform your room and make it look brighter. Thought we have advice — try not to overdo it.

  • Vases (with or without flowers, they make for a perfect decoration)
  • Piggy Banks (no better way to teach them how important it is to save money)
  • Memory boxes (both beautiful and practical, they can help you save up a lot of space)
  • Hand-made (your kids will feel very encouraged if you display their works instead of hiding them)


Sometimes, it is not about the things you show — but the things you hide. Removing all the things that don’t go with the interior is not always possible. So instead of stressing out about what you will do with all the toys that are health ripped apart and puzzles that your kids have already collected, we suggest you look for ways to hide those elements with a taste. Creative storages and smart life hacks will be your best friends here. Not only they will act as Children’s Bedroom Accessories but also serve an important role in keeping what you wish was not seen further away from the visitor’s eye.

  • Baskets (you will not get bored with all the variety)
  • Under bed storages (a clever way to use the space)
  • Furniture with storages (they are huge space saviors)
  • Compartments (less mess and more space)

Children’s Bedroom Accessories can help you completely transform a room.

As we have said before, the best thing about children’s bedroom accessories is that with their help you can change the room without having to change the entire design of the room completely. It might seem it is the bed, the shelves and the big things that define it, but the truth is the devil is in details. By getting the little things right, and by using them grateful you can create a dream room for any kid they would have been happy to be a part of and have lived in when they were young. And those memories are priceless.