2018 Oct 10

Dubaiprint.com is launching a new loyalty program


Starting from today, ordering at Dubaiprint.com will become even more rewarding. To show appreciation to all the customers that keep choosing our services, Dubaiprint.com is excited to announce our new loyalty program! We care about the experience you are having with our products and want to make printing for your commercial, personal, and business projects even more enjoyable.

What is the deal?

When designing our loyalty program our goal was to make it as inclusive and as simple as possible. That is why all you need to do to reap the benefits of our loyalty program is to spend as little as 1 AED in the course of a month. You can order any print, or product from the wide selection of services available on the website.

Based on the sum of purchases made within that month you will be rewarded with a discount voucher. This is what your discount is going to look like:

  • spend 1 – 499 AED and get 2.5% discount voucher
  • spend 500 – 1499 AED and get 5% discount voucher
  • spend 1500 – 4999 AED and get 7.5% discount voucher
  • spend 5000+ AED and get 10% discount voucher

The code is valid for all the products available on our website – even the ones that are already on sale. In other words, you can apply the voucher discount on any of the items you order the following month.

What are you getting?

With our loyalty program, not only receive a unique voucher code but also get access to exclusive promotions at Dubaiprint.com. The voucher is generated at the end of every month based on the sum of purchases you have made during that period. For an order to be counted, it needs to be completed within the frame of that month as well.

One more word about how the voucher code on your page is generated. The code is created based on the total amount you spend on printing services at Dubaiprint.com excluding VAT. If you want to learn more about that check into your account.

Beware – it has an expiration date. The discount expires at the end of each month so that the new one can be generated. So do not delay the gratification – make sure to use it within that period of time, once you get it!

How does it work?

As we have mentioned above, taking part in our loyalty program is easy. You do not need to fill any applications or follow tangled instructions. All you need to do it follow this little guide:

Step 1. Register on our Dubaiprint.com (or log into your account if you already have one)

Step 2. If you have made an order previous month, take a look at the pop-up screen. It will tell you the % of your voucher discount that has been generated for the last month. If you have not purchased any item yet, you will see the number next month.

Step 3. To check your status, go to “My account” and click “Loyalty program”. There you can learn more about the program, and take a look at how the voucher is calculated.

Step 4. Use the generated code within the following month when making a purchase. Simply copy and paste the voucher code into the ”Do you have a Voucher?” section before checkout

Step 5. Click apply and wait for your order to be completed. Repeat the process next month!

And here you have it – you have officially used the benefits of our special loyal program!

Dubaiprint.com says thank you!

First and foremost, the loyalty program is our thank you note to all the people that use our services. Dubaiprint.com has always been about adding positivity into your life, and we want to continue that trend.

We are proud of the fact that we are the company that you choose to share your good moments with. We value that you entrust us your most valuable projects, and happy memories. Our team wants to continue inspiring you to pursue new business projects and capture personal moments.

If you want to learn more about our program, visit the website with even more detailed instruction and a helpful FAQ. You can also always contact our team in case you have questions. We will happily assist you at every step of the way.

Dubaiprint.com is one of the kind printing platforms in Dubai. For our prints, we use the best printing technologies on the market. We provide top quality printing services and deliver solutions within set deadlines. Before sending out any of the items, we pre-check all the orders to make sure they look exactly the way they should. Our main goal is to be a positive addition to your day and we do our to always make sure we are.