2019 Feb 8

7 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Anyone Happy


The day that reminds us to show love and appreciation to all the people we love and value is almost here… and that means you need to start thinking about presents. Most of the time, it is an enjoyable process, but sometimes it can get really stressful. Especially when you are preparing gifts for people you really care for. You might know them well, but it does not mean that shops do as well. And that’s understandable, most of the pre-made presents say nothing about the person you love. That is why if you are looking for unique valentine’s day gift ideas you should consider custom solutions. And Dubaiprint.com is here to help you out.

1.Customized T-shirts

There is no doubt that Customized T-shirts are a great present. It is even more perfect for when it comes to Valentine’s day. First of all, they are useful. The second reason is that you can print ‘couple T-shirt’ that celebrate your love. But if that is not for you, you can design the T-shirt with images of you two, beloved characters, and favorite sports team. In other words, there is no creative limitation. And we are sure they will appreciate the care you put into it.


Have you ever wanted to gift a real canvas painting to your loved one? If you did but had no idea it was an option, we are happy to break it to you — now you can. All you need to have your give someone a canvas as a present is to upload a photo, patining, or decoration and wait for a couple of days. The originality and quality of the end result is the reason, a classical canvas is amongst unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas. So, use the medium to print something that would say important things about the relationships you have with the other person.

3.Plain and ready-made Mugs

Another one of the unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas is a mug. They are useful, they are beautiful, and they are long-lasting. You can customize them to the person you are gifting them to, be it your loved one, friend, or someone you care about it. It is a versatile gift that will not disappoint anyone. You can both have a mug with your images or tweak one of the designs we already have on our website. It is a perfect gift that everyone will love.

4.Magic Mugs

Just in case you think that mug is not original enough of a gift, but still want to gift something that is both useful and meaningful here is another unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will They surprise everyone. The magic mug is temperature-sensitive. When you pour in hot water, it changes its color. That means in it you can hide a message for your loved ones. It is going to be a special present that only the person you are gifting it to will know about. We promise the mug will bring a smile on the other person’s face every time they use it.

5.VR Cardboard Kit V2

VR Cardboard Kit V2 is for those people in your life who are more tech-oriented. Those kits are unique presents that any person of the new generation and older generation alike will find amusing. The best thing about the kit is that you can customize it. That means that you can turn it into Valentine’s Day present that would remind the person you love about the day.

6.Personalized Photo Books

We have one more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, and it’s personalized photo books. The name speaks for itself — you can use them to collect all the sweetest memories you have made with your loved ones. Use them to create a beautiful love story that would stay with the other person forever.


Coasters are a great present because first of all, they are useful. They will not only protect your table from unpleasant coffee rings but also remind the person about you. It is a cost-effective present that can raise a smile on anyone’s face. Use their surface to tell people in your life how much you love and care about them, or print pretty a funny joke that only two of you know about. Your imagination is the only limit you have.

So, here you have it — 7 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other.

Our team loves the upcoming celebration and truly believes that showing appreciation for people in your life is very important. At the end of the day, they are what makes your life worth living for and showing them a little bit of love by gifting them a thoughtful present is the least you can do. And in this noble cause, Dubaiprint.com is happy to the mediator — the quality of the presents you order using our platform is the thing you should not worry about even a bit.