2018 Aug 22

11 Motivational Quotes to Print on Your Office Coasters


We buy or order coasters to protect our office desks. But they can also serve as a great motivation for the employees, especially when most of them start their days with a cup of coffee. Here are some ideas you can use to keep your team’s spirit as high as it should be. Choose your favorite coaster design one and order it here.

1. It’s not about ideas; it’s about making the ideas happen

Most people can come up with interesting ideas; self-cleaning towels, there you go. But those ideas are not remarkable if you do not go somewhere with them. I can talk about flying cars for all I want but if I do not actually make them, then what is the point. You can keep a list of start-up ideas as much as you want but eventually, you will need to actually make those ideas happen because otherwise, you are just like anyone else.

2. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish — Steve Jobs

Life is short. To achieve success — whatever it may be — you need to push yourself, you should never settle and you should always try to go one step further. Always strive for more, try to be different, and never stop learning. Some people will call you silly and foolish for your new ideas; they will try to convince you to stick to the norm, the tried and tested. But you need to persist because that is how the future is built. Humanity would not move forward if people did not constantly strive for more and question the standard.

3. Fail Harder

Life is hard which means each and every one of us will fail constantly; sometimes we will even succeed but each failure will make us feel like we are incapable of succeeding. What we need to remember is that with each failure we learn and if we do not fail ten times we will not succeed the eleventh time.

The Wieden+Kennedy advertising agency has a wall with 100,000 pushpins that spell out this exact phrase. And among the thousands of clear ones, there is one red pushpin that is there to remind us of the importance of failures during the creative process.

4. Be Bold or Italic, Never Regular

There are several billion people in the world and only so many opportunities. If you want to stand out you need to be different, innovative and be confident while at it. Thinking outside of the box is the least you need to do. Depending on what you want to achieve, there might be millions of others that want the same thing and you need to stand out, be bold or be different. However, it is somewhat ironic that this text is neither in bold nor in italics.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.

Everybody dreams but not everybody achieves those dreams. For some people, dreams become goals whilst others do nothing and hope for the best. You cannot sit with your hands crossed and hope that someone somewhere will find you with their magic radar. You need to put yourself out there and work hard to achieve your dreams. This is usually not easy unless your dream is to eat an apple. You should dream big but, if you do, you need to work harder.

6. Stop Saying Tomorrow

We are all aware of procrastination and we all do it whether it is because we are lazy or are scared to actually do what we want to do. Taking on a big project might seem intimidating and that is under, standable but you are not going to be any more prepared tomorrow than you are today. Time is running out and eventually, you will run out of “tomorrow”s and that is when you will regret not having said “today”.

7. Just Do It

You might have watched the Shia Labeouf and laughed at it but whilst hilariously aggressive, he is not wrong. Stop being jealous of people who achieved something and do something about it; go out there and start that project you have been meaning to do for several years now. Go and talk to that coworker you like. Whatever it is, life will not wait for you to summon your courage; you only live once, so do not waste a minute of it.

8. If you hit the target every time, it’s too near or too big. — Tom Hirshfield

It is important to keep challenging yourself, to always aim for bigger and better but if you are succeeding at everything you are doing you are either incredibly lucky or you are not aiming high enough. Life is too short to stay in your comfort zone and do the same thing over and over again.

Especially if you have a creative job, challenging yourself is crucial. You wouldn’t want to be as good at something as you were years prior; you need to keep moving forward. Just when you start missing the target, you know it’s the one you must learn how to hit. Solve this problem and go for the next target.

9. It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Starting projects is hard, especially if you’ve never done anything of the same scale before. It can be intimidating, to say the least; you might feel like you should give up and you are never going to succeed but if you just keep pushing yourself you will eventually get it done and will have something to show for it. After all, you are neither the first nor the last to be in your position. Maybe not taking on that project alone can help even if the others do not know what they are doing either. But either way, being scared of failure or anything else is normal and should not stop you from trying.

10. Coffee is always a good start

Coffee has become a crucial part of so many people’s days and for a reason. Coffee drinkers practically require coffee to be able to wake up in the morning but when they’ve had their morning caffeine boost they’re more focused, energized, ready to take on the day and generally less annoyed with the world. As people sip their morning happiness, remind them how much more joy they have ahead.

11. Done is better than perfect. — Sheryl Sandberg

You do not have to be a perfectionist to want your passion project to be perfect. You might spend so much time on one thing polishing and perfecting it that when you think you are done you will notice something new. But the reality is that you should just let it go. If you are happy with something but you have been tweaking it for a long time thinking “oh just one more little change and it will be perfect” then maybe you should just let it be.