2019 Jan 25

5 Creative Uses of Custom Printed Carpets


We are sure you appreciate a beautiful carpet just as much as we do. Not only it can make it easier to clean the floor, but also a great way to decorate your room. With the innovations in the field digital printing on carpets is possible. Now, thanks to Dubairpint.com you do not need to spend any time looking for the perfect one, You can just order it. Custom printed carpets are a versatile accessory, and here only five ideas to prove it.

Create effective marketing campaigns

Foremost, custom printed carpets are an excellent promotional tool. Imagine you’re preparing for an exhibition, a trade show, or any other event where you need to introduce your brand. If you want people to notice you and your brand than you need to customize your environment. That is where custom printed carpets come into play. You can print out a large carpet with your logo on and separate your area from the surrounding ones. You can also use our services to print a small carpet with a message that would greet your potential customers. The way you are going to use your carpet depends only on your imagination.

Redesign a room

You might want to change up your room. But even though very tempting, redesigning an entire room is not only costly — it is also often very difficult. With a custom made carpet, you can add a unique touch to your room without changing much about it. So, if you want to redecorate your room or any other location, be it a school, an office, or a hall, but do not want to spend a lot of money, custom printed carpets are what you need.

Adding a carpet is how you can spice up a room, or tone it down without having to change the entire floor. Not only will you not need to change much about the room, but the redesign can also be done in just a couple of days. We also know it is not easy to find THE carpet that will fit all criteria. All you need to do is to find a pattern you want to see on your floor and would use digital printing on carpets to make it happen. And here you have it — almost an entirely new place that you spend almost no effort on.

Design a special area in your home

You can also customize the carpets for children’s rooms if you want to give them a safe place to play in. It can be used to separate the general area from a play area. You can also print a carpet for your pets, or mark a work area. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Dubairpint.com uses digital printing on carpets which means that you can print any images on the carpets. Your kids and pets would be happy to have a special place in the home that they can use for themselves. But that is not the only benefit — they can also make it easier for you to clean up space, and make it more hygienic. Custom printed carpet is a simple solution to many problems.

Add a funky touch to a room

Yes, we are talking about those small door carpets, that welcome your guests and help to keep rooms clean. It is a necessity in almost any home or office. Before custom printed chapters were a thing, we were forced to buy pre-made carpets. But not only they rarely suited our interior, often they looked plain ugly. Now using digital printing on carpets, we can print any image, quote, difficult pattern on the carpets. So if you are looking for a cool way to spice up a location, and add a personalized touch that would make it a little more comfortable, then you are looking for a custom printed carpet.

Create an experience

We have already established that you can use custom printed carpets to print anything on the carpets. Why not use them to design experience then? You can print out a game like a twister, or an alphabet to decorate the classroom. That way you will not only keep the space clean — you will also make use of that space. It will also raise a smile. And that is you can ever want from a carpet and even a little bit more.

Customizable carpets are a great branding idea, useful addition to your room, and a pretty decoration. And as with all the products at Dubaiprint.com we have many customization options available. At Dubaiprint.com you can create a carpet that would suit your needs the best in a matter of minutes — all you need is to upload a picture in the special section on our website. We use the latest technologies for the digital printing on carpets — you can be sure that the quality of prints is going to be exceptional. Delivering excellent experience is what we do, so you can rest assured everything will look perfect.