2019 Jul 8

Beauty business cards to be proud of


You have got it all — you have already launched the salon/barbershop/beauty center/make up brand; you even have the first customers. Now, it’s time to think about your promotion and your beauty business cards.

Some people might say that the era of business cards is over, and while it might be true for some industries, it is not about the beauty industry. That is why beauty business cards still have a significant role in making it easier to keep in touch with the salons and spread a word about them.

What does it mean?

We bet you know the feeling — when to get to hold a cool business card that is made from the perfect material and looks beautiful. You do not want to trough it away; you want to keep it and share with others. As a business owner who cares deeply about the beauty salon, makeup brand, or barbershops, that is the feeling you should strive towards.

Your business is unique and cool, we are sure and so should be your business card. The first impression still matters, and the Halo effect is not going anywhere. Instead of trying to fix a wrong impression — do your best to get it right from the get-go.

To inspire and help you find the one that hits the nail on the head, we have compiled a list with the most refreshing type of business cards you can find online.


The popularity of minimalism is on the rise and rightly so. Not only it advocates for the elimination of all the elements that do not serve you but also helps establish a better relationship with your customer.

By stripping away things your customers do not need, you will keep only the essentials. The same is true for the beauty business and thus beauty business cards. If you are proving simple and clear experience, your business card and its design is your chance to shine.

Minimalistic beauty business cards will show your dedication to taste, without distracting your customers from the central message. They are a sign of quality over quantity. And only a great professional knows that it is a battle that ‘Quality’ without difficulty. It is never about how much you say, but what you say.

Creative and interactive designs

Creativity is a vague term, and getting everyone on the same page is almost impossible. But some business card designs are universally creative. You have probably seen one of those, and we doubt you would have thrown it away if you ever came across one.

By going an extra mile and making sure your beauty business cards reflects your message, you will win over anyone. Creative beauty business cards are memorable, lasting, and fun. The best though is, however, that people want to be associated with business the services they use. With a creative business card, people will feel proud when linked to you and happily share the experience.

A business card is a piece of promotion that speaks when you are not around. And when it is good, other people will think the same about your services. It helps to build trust, and is that what any brand wants?

With an image

The business cards with logos and contact information are a standard. That is why if you want to stand out, you can create a business card with images and illustrations instead. Exclusive illustrations stay in the memory and cards with people build connection. By using images of real people — be it customer, yourself, or your best works — you subconsciously communicate that people like them have used and liked the services before.

It is also the business card to use if you want to showcase your portfolio. That way, you will not only give information about how people can find your beauty salon or center but also preview what they should expect.


A humorous card is not the most conventional choice for beauty business cards — when you think beauty business, funny might not be the first word that comes to mind. It does not mean, however, it will not work.

If your beauty salon is not conventional and fun and lightness are what you stand for, so should be your business card. Funny messages are the ones people remember best (link). And if people can recall your business card and your message, it means your mission has been successful.


There is not a word that represents the beauty industry better than elegance does. It is what many beauty salons, makeup companies, and other related businesses promise. Your business cards should communicate the same message.

Pink ribbons, simple messages, defined lines, and tasteful typography sometimes is all it takes to create beauty business card people want to keep. It is conventional and risks free approach. But is not it because it works? It is if you ask us.

AR business cards

None of the options sound too exciting or unique? It does not mean you should lose hope, because our dimension isn’t a limit anymore. AR business cards will take your business on another level. Literally.

Want to tell you about your beauty business, or take the viewer through your business journey? Many industries have utilized the power of augmented reality business cards and the beauty industry is no exception. AR cards will help you build a rapport with your customers. And it is not the business card anyone would want to throw away. It is like two in one — business card per se and an interactive media piece.

And let’s be honest — they are also fun! Never fail to raise a smile on people’s faces.


We spoke of the minimalism, but it does not mean that maximalist business cards are entirely out of the radar. If your beauty business is extra, so should be your beauty business card. Its bright colors and patterns will help attract the attention of potential customers while acquainting them to your business values.

Go big or go home, as the wise say. You can apply the approach to the business card to, exciting the conventional formats and using layouts that are anything but stereotypical. Make your business card speak to your customers. In most of the cases, it is what everyone wants.

Creating beauty business cards is no easy business

Are business cards promotions of the previous century? The short answer — it depends. They are part of the brand identity and most companies prefer to have them.

However, the beauty industry per se shows no signs of giving upon them. In the age of digital media, when most of the business often neglect them, business cards play an even more prominent role in helping you stand out. The challenge now is to create the right one.

While yes, at Dubaiprint.com, we offer business card printing services, it might surprise you we also help businesses to create a perfect business card. Many years of experience have taught us a thing or two about what works and what does not, and we will be happy to share the experience with you.

If before ordering the business card you would like to have a design consultation, you can contact our support team. We will guide you through the process and create a beauty business card that speaks for you when you cannot.