2018 Aug 7

Dubaiprint.com Now Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies


In August 2018, Dubaiprint.com starts accepting Bitcoin and more than 30 other cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

2018 seems to be the year of the boost of cryptocurrencies. They have been among the major trends for quite a while now. Several months ago everyone was going crazy about cryptocurrencies, thinking they will undoubtedly make all of us rich quick. Next thing we knew, the price of a Bitcoin was peaking at around 20,000 USD. And though it has declined largely since then, the rate still remains very high at around the 7000 USD mark.

Meanwhile, a lot of people seem to forget that cryptocurrencies are not supposed to be these lotteries or investments; they are currencies. They are essentially virtual but completely real and usable money. And many people and companies are already jumping on board, using bitcoin or any of the thousand other available cryptocurrencies. One of those companies is Dubaiprint.com who now accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others as a payment method.

You probably know already that Dubaiprint.com is a professionally integrated web-to-print platform. It supports digital print production processes along with delivering world-class quality within deadlines. Dubaiprint.com intends to become the region’s most preferred online printing company for all kinds of business as well as for individuals. And because of that, we aim to be as accessible for our customers as possible. Nowadays, accessibility also includes accepting cryptocurrencies, and we are happy to do so.

How to use cryptocurrencies on Dubaiprint.com?

  • For any order, regardless of the payment method, you need to the following steps first:
  • Choose the product you need
  • Upload your design
  • Customize the product (fill out the order form) and add it to your cart
  • Go to your cart and choose “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”

To pay with a cryptocurrency, follow these instructions:

  • On the 3rd step of checkout (“PAYMENT INFORMATION”) select “Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency”, then submit the order
  • You will be redirected to coingate.com where all our crypto payments are processed safely
  • Send the payment to the address that you see on coingate.com
  • Wait for your payment to receive 1 confirmation on the network
  • After you receive confirmation, you can sit back and wait for your prints

Why we decided to accept cryptocurrencies

Dubaiprint.com is a competency of NDigitec which has been operating in the Emirates market for over two decades now. And while Dubaiprint.com itself has not been around for as long, it has already grown exponentially, using the expertise of the skilled professionals and following the new trends of the market.

To all the business owners, marketers, event organizers, and other companies and individuals, Dubaiprint.com offers various customizable printing solutions. By only making a few clicks and uploading your preferred design, you can order the print and get the ready printed product within a very short period. We offer products ranging from simple mugs to large format banners. We will expand even more when we start operating in the new NDigitec facility that is being built in Dubai Production City.

For a company to be able to evolve and expand, it needs to adapt. We start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods as it is a completely safe and secure method of transaction. The mechanism behind it is called blockchain. A blockchain is just that: a chain of blocks. It is used for transactions that do not require some sort of institution such as a bank acting as a middle-man.

The data being transacted is stored in a block that has a unique fingerprint-like cryptographic hash or code; the block also contains the hash of the previous block in the chain. Any alteration of a block changes its hash which makes all the subsequent blocks to become invalid as the new hash is not recognized by the subsequent block. This mechanism can be revolutionary in the future, eliminating the necessity to trust other people with your finances.

Start using our services and paying with cryptocurrencies now.