2020 Mar 20

Helpful Tips to Organize a Successful Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony tells a lot about you and your company. It is a huge event that is meant to inspire the community and make them believe in you.

To organize an event that will forever remain in the memory of the attendees, that will amaze not only witnesses but the whole society carries a great deal of responsibility.

Here are some helpful tips to plan a successful opening ceremony.

Create the event budget

Well…first things first, you’ll need to create the event budget. If you want to make your ceremony happen this is the substantial part.

Create the event budget

First of all, figure out all the categories of your event and see how much each of them will cost and prepare an exact budget as soon as possible. Then make templates starting from venue and decoration ending with food and entertainment. It will not only make things easier but also will help you to figure out how much you are ready to spend on each of them. Also, remove aimless categories from the list and save money for something unexpected.

To have a unique opening ceremony, you don’t need to spend your time and energy on the expensive but senseless events just to seem powerful. All you need is to switch on your creativity and organize the best opening ceremony of the time.

Invitation Cards

A successful opening ceremony needs everything to be thought out carefully. It can be a grand opening or ribbon-cutting, or the opening event of your new restaurant.

Invitation Cards

In the era of digital technology, where everything is possible to organize online, it would be nice to send out personal invitation cards to guests. This way, you will show that each of them is important to you personally.

Invitation cards must include the name, date and time, and where the opening ceremony will take place. Make sure you’ve filled in all the details, also don’t forget about the design of your invitation cards. It is desirable to be compatible with the theme of the event.

Pick a Theme

An opening ceremony for any kind of event needs to be extraordinary, less sumptuous and meaningless but more creative and catchy.

Theme of Successful Opening Ceremony

In all successful opening ceremonies, there is always something remarkable and prominent, something unusual and unexpected.

If you have any creative theme ideas concerning your ceremony, don’t hesitate to realize. It can be an entertaining show with innovative technologies or 60’s rock n roll music and dance evening or choreographed drone performances.

Just make sure that all the people or at least the majority of them enjoy their time and you will have a long remembered successful opening ceremony.

Food & Beverages

During any successful opening ceremony serving food and beverage is a must-have. No matter what time the event starts people will be waiting for something to be served.

Food & Beverages

For morning events juice or coffee, tea cakes and various sorts of fruits are the perfect choices. During the afternoon or late evening events, some finger food with cheese and wine combo can be quite appropriate.

Also, cookies with a picture of your company logo can set the right mood and bring extra joy to the event.

Take Photos

You organized a unique opening ceremony, invited honored guests, made a great entertaining show, after all, it would be so unfair not to eternalize best moments of the big day.

Take Photos

A successful opening ceremony needs to be memorized with all details, so making photos are one of the most important parts of an event.

If it’s a grand opening, take a picture of cutting the ribbon first, or if it’s the opening of your restaurant or office take in front of your company sign. Don’t forget to eternalize the funniest and happiest moments with guests and entertainers. In this case, Instagram Frames would be a great option to make the evening more entertaining and take even better photos. Try not to miss anything that could remind the success and creativity of the day.

Make sure you are taking good quality pictures so that you can post them on social media. Also, you can make a short video including all the best parts of the event.

Media Coverage

Inviting the media to your opening ceremony is another step to cover the story and success of your company. If you are producing a marketing campaign and your aim is to leave everyone rapt, start from media coverage. Let them enlighten all the advantages that your company provides, innovations you’ve invested in marketing, creativity and the positive atmosphere of the ceremony. Customers really pay attention to stuff like that.

Media Coverage

And last but not least!

In this small but warm article, we’ve set up for you the most helpful tips to organize a unique event.

Just remember, that you get only one chance to make the first impression, so do your best to make your event unforgettable.

Thank you, wishing you a successful opening ceremony full of luck!