2018 Sep 19

Surprise your friends with not-boring gift ideas that they will love


Gifts are always a problem. Especially if you are not close enough to a person to know what they like, but close enough to not get away with an old-fashioned card and a hug. Personally, I try to write down gift ideas every time someone mentioned they wanted something. It is a useful strategy, but I know it is not always possible. Some of us might need some help to get on the right track. Luckily, I have gathered some safe ideas that would make a perfect gift for almost anyone.

Photo Book

Who doesn’t like photo books? I know I love them! I am a sentimental person – I will find a reason to keep almost anything. That is why I would have been touched if a friend or a family member gifted me a book with actual memories. And I know I can’t be the only one. You can fill the album with photos, images, and phrases that you associate with the other person. It is a lasting gift that will stay with your friend and remind them of you every time they pick it up.

Custom Mug

When in doubt, get a mug. It is a perfect gift. It is useful, lasting, and can fit any budget. There is a large variety of mugs on the market, but if you want something special, you can order a custom made one. It will be not only useful but also indispensable. For custom mugs, possibilities are endless. You can print a picture of you and your friend, or type an inside joke and gift it to a co-work. With one touch it can turn into a thoughtful gift filled with memories.

Photo Canvas

Photo canvases are great gifts for all the same reasons. They can be personal, they can be official, they can remind the person of you, and showcase their interests. Many of us know that you can print on mugs, T-shirts, and photo books, but not on canvases. You can print any illustration, artwork, or a photo from the Internet and use it to decorate the room. Again, it is not its only use – you can always print a favorite picture of you and your loved ones. If you think about it it is just as cool of a gift.

Custom Puzzle

From clothes to art to games. Puzzles are fun and a great gift idea for people who would prefer something more intellectual and original. You can take it one step further, with not using a generic pre-made image, but order a custom puzzle with the person who will receive the gift in mind. Imagine collecting a 500 piece puzzle with the photo you made together – how fun is that

Magic design-changing mug

The ‘magic’ mug is a regular mug… only better! Upon hitting up magic design-changing mugs change their picture. It is a perfect gift for someone who likes surprises. IIs is like giving two custom-made mugs at once. And how cool is that? You can get creative with an image, and even make up a story with them.

When you are giving someone a gift, you really want to do it right. You want to gift something useful, personal, and memorable. I think in those case custom made gifts are the best ones. I enjoy receiving them myself and have experienced how happy they make other people. It is like having a lasting presence in the other person’s life and is it what the girts are made for?

For when you cannot come up with cool gift ideas

It happens sometimes that no matter how much you think, nothing comes to your mind. It seems like the person likes nothing or already has everything. Those moments are incredibly stressful for someone who wants to gift a thoughtful gift and make the other person happy. What can you do in those cases though?

We suggest two things — first to keep a list with gift ideas for all the people you care about. It can be digital if you are not a ‘notebook’ person, it can be written in a diary. The medium is not as important as the meaning. Just keep it simple, and every time you either something the person might like or they mention a present, log it in. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but when the time comes, it will save you plenty of time. We don’t even want to talk about how happy it will make them. Those presents always feel more special and signal that the person really cares about us.

The other idea is to put social media to good use. You can take many gift ideas from someone’s social media. Do they have a Pinterest board with their favourite stuff? Or maybe they have a Goodread account? Have they ever posted about a trip they wanted to take on twitter? These all are valuable options you should not miss.