2019 Jan 10

The Most Popular Items on Dubaiprint.com in 2018


More and more people prefer personalized printing to traditional printing. The trend is not surprising considering that all you need to get a branded item now is to select one of the printing materials, spend a couple of minutes to fill in a form, and upload any image you want. Online printing saves time, resources, and allows you to be creative. In other words, Dubaiprint.com makes getting online printing materials in Dubai as simple, as possible.

If you are here not for the first time, you know that on our platform you can find dozens of items available for customization. But have you ever been curious about which ones are the most popular among our customers? If yes, then keep on reading. Here is the list of the most popular products of the last year.

10. Folded Leaflets

No wonder, Folded Leaflets made it to our top. They are useful for both branding and promotional purposes. Leaflets have a proven positive effect on sales, and are a cost-effective way to spread information about your initiatives, and promote your brand. Dubaiprint.com hopes that custom-made folded leaflets that so many of you have printed using our services helped you to achieve your goals.

9. Poster Stand Double Side

Another promotional material that was favorite by our customers is a double-sided poster stand. We have many poster stand options, which you can check out following the link. But Poster Stand Double Side made it to the top because of how versatile it is. Both of its sides can be used to promote your message, which makes it only more effective. The stand is durable and can be used over and over again.

8. Acrylic

Acryl is a rigid and smooth material. The acrylic prints have beautiful colors and can last for ages, which make it perfect for branding and decoration. If you are looking for a beautiful, simple, and beautiful alternative to the regular paper, then it is the solution you need to pay attention to. It is obvious that we are not the only ones who think so — as evident from this list many of our customers agree.

7. Top Quality Posters

Top-quality posters are among the most versatile printed items that you can use for both your personal and business needs. The simplicity of its form allows to turn it into an outdoor or indoor promotional tool, decoration element, and informative resource. In other words, we think that can hardly find anything more multi-purposeful than a top-quality poster, and as our top shows so do you.

6. Wall Adhesive

In 2018 many of our customers have been looking for ways to decorate their rooms and customized wall adhesive. That is how the custom-made wall adhesive made to the list and became the 6th most popular online printing material in Dubai ordered at Dubairprint.com. Our customers appreciate the freedom and creativity our platform gives when decorating their offices, homes, and schools.

5. Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most in-demand printing materials in Dubai. This is not surprising considering all that business cards are almost a necessity for any brand that wants to grow and develop. Not only they help to increase brand awareness, but they also reinsure people’s trust in your company and brand. Our digital platform is the perfect place to create a business card of your dream — we have many customization options for you to choose from.

4. Pop Up Stands

On the fourth place in our top is a pop-up stand. It is the promotional tool frequently used during exhibitions, pr campaigns, and other events. The stand got fourth place in our top, which means that our customers appreciated their variety and quality. The fact that stands can be delivered to almost any sport in Dubai is also amongst the reasons.

3. Photo Canvas

In 2018 Dubaiprint.com has helped many of you to depict many memories and share them with your loved ones. It is a bold statement that we are not afraid to make because photo canvas was among the online printing materials in Dubai that you have ordered the most. We hope we will continue sharing with you all the beautiful moments in the future as well.

2. Stretched Canvas

Stretched canvases are getting the honorable second place in the list. It is amongst our favorites as well. You can use the canvas to decorate your home or office with some of your favorite images. We can assure you — they will look just as beautiful and realistic as the real paintings do.

1. Classic Photo Canvas

The most ordered online printing material in Dubai is… Classic Photo Canvas! We were happy to see that it was your main choice — it means you have used our services to print and share some of your favorite memories. Our dedicated team hopes they brought a lot of joy to you and to the people you have gifted them to. Congratulations, Classic Photo Canvas! You are everyone’s favorite!

Online Printing Materials in Dubai – helping you achieve your goals

Those were 2018’s most popular online printing materials in Dubai according to Dubaiprint.com. Many people used our services to customized and print all kinds of products for both their personal and business needs. And we are happy to have had assisted them in their journey.

Our team is looking forward to which items you are going to like the most popular in 2019. We hope the new year is going to be full of exciting purchases that would add value to your life and help you pursue your personal and corporate endeavors.