2020 Feb 3

14 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him


Love is one of the most beautiful feelings. It’s what feels life with meaning and purpose for millions of people around the world. It keeps the world running. It’s the day for two, so we think the presents on that day also be shared. By gifting something you both can enjoy, you will nurture the true spirit of Valentine’s day, which is loving and sharing. Here is our small list with 14 meaningful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and him you can use as a reference.

Couple jewelry


Couple Rings as a Valentine’s Day Gift

Jewelry is a beloved present. They are a lasting memory of something truly sweet and important. That’s why if you want to gift something meaningful and timeless, a piece of jewelry is an obvious choice.

You can go the extra mile and make it even special by creating a custom one. Engrave your name and the name of your loved one, and it will turn into a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Custom photo book


Photo book to remember Valentine's Day

One of the first presets on our Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and him is, of course, custom photo books.

Images have a different meaning in the digital era. We usually store them online and have forgotten the pleasure of having a real photo book to flip through. It makes the memories all that more tangible, real.

That’s why gifting custom photo books on Valentine’s day is such a great idea. By picking the right images, you pick the right images, gifting your loved one a present that can help them relieve the memories any time they wish. Turley priceless present your partner will cherish.

Couple mugs


Couple Mugs are a perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Coffee and tea are part of the everyday routine for almost every single person. By gifting your fiance couple mugs — for you and for the person — you will be with them every day. Decorate it with your images, cute illustrations, lovely and inspiring quotes, or be creative and add something meaningful for only you two.

While simple and accessible, mugs are a meaningful present. You can’t go wrong with a cool mug.

Illustrated portrait


Gift Portrait on Valentine's Day

If you are struggling with gift ideas, a creative portrait might be the gift for you. It’s personal, it’s special, and it’s memorable — all the things you would want your Valentine’s gift to be.

Find a local artist and ask them to create a beautiful portrait of your two. If artworks aren’t your thing, you can schedule a photoshoot instead. After the image is ready, you will have a reminder of each other.

You will surprise your partner and leave them speechless.

Custom puzzle


Put together Puzzles on Valentine's Day

We love puzzles. They are fun; they are personal and memorable. When you gift a puzzle, you gift an experience.

Customized puzzles — the ones with your images or something you both like and cherish — are one of the best gifts for all occasions. We love them so much, not only because they unusual but also because they are interactive. They give you something to do, and it is an experience you both can share. Creat memories while collecting the memories. What can be better?

Popcorn machine (or anything to help you save time for each other)


Eating popcorn on Valentine's Day is fun

The main purpose of technologies is to help you save time. And when you love someone, there isn’t anything you want to prolong more than the time you spend with each other. So, on these occasions, something that can make making your treats more simple is priceless.

We would suggest a popcorn machine because it’s fun, and it also associates with movie watching and thus spending time with your loved one, but if you’re not a big lover of the treat, you can choose anything else. Pancake and crepe making machine, toaster, slow cooker — the market is filled with brilliant ideas you can use right now.

Romantic trip


The best Valentine's Day Gift is the romantic trip

If you think things aren’t really your thing, we have an option for you. How about planning a romantic boat trip or getting away from the city? The statistic says that experiences are one of the most wanted gifts, so chances are it will not be a miss.

Alternatively, you can also do something together on that day. Try what you haven’t done before — pottery or cooking classes, or a laser tag if you are a fun of something more adventures. Make the day as unforgettable as the person is for you.

Couple home clothes


Couple Clothes is asweet gift for Valentine's Day

Now, we got to the basics. Home clothes might seem banal, but they aren’t. It usually appears that you have nothing nice to wear while you’re watching a movie at home. Use the occasions and make a meaningful gift this Valentine’s Day.

Pick home clothes for a couple — not only for your partner — if you think it might be too boring. That way you’ll both have something to wear. And there isn’t anything as cute as matched outfits, especially when it isn’t for everyone to see.



Slippers will keep your Valentine's feet warm

Just as home clothes, slippers are one of the most practical and simplest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and him that almost anyone would be happy to get. Be honest, the pair you already have probably shouldn’t be worn even one day. Use Valentine’s Day to make that gift for yourself and your loved one.

You can choose a quirky design with your favorite movie character or go with the classier options. The market is really filled with options to satisfy anyone’s taste.



Spice up your Valentine's Day with a perfume

Perfumes are sensual presents that are best suited for the people you know well. Gifting a perfume is actually more intimate than one would think, so Valentine’s Day is the right time to show your loved one you know them like no one else.

If you are not sure about which one to pick — go with the safe options. Buy something you already know they own and love. Perfumes have a terrible quality of ending quick, so chances are your loved one will need a replacement soon enough.

Gratitude journal


Remember all the good things about each other on Valentine's Day

The present need not be expensive to matter. We would argue that the thought you put into it and the feeling you want to evoke is way more important.

Gratitude journal with all the things you admire about your partner is one of those things. There are scientific benefits to gratitude journals that promise that not only your giftee will be touched, but you will also feel happier writing the notes.

So, don’t waste time. Write in a separate notebook 20 (or as many you’d like) things you love about your partner. Go back to the ages-old art of writing letters and write a sincere letter thanking them for all the things they have done for you. It will make them feel special.

DIY wish tickets


Wish Ticket can substitute a Valentine's Day Gift

Again to inexpensive gift ideas that can make the day more fun than usual. If you want to gift something more special than just something material gift, your loved one DIY wish tickets.

On the tickers, write the things you rarely enjoy doing — enjoy walking with a dog, washing dishes, watching a particular movie, or a game. Then gift these vouchers to your partner and quietly comply when they ask you to do the thing. It’s a fun gift that will show your appreciation and trill them.

Couple watches


Never be late with couple watches

If you have the budget to go for something a little fancier than usual, couple watches are a great option. It’s an elegant and practical gift that will last for a long time and that you both can wear.

The watches will connect you with each other through time and space. It’s one of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and him that is sure to make the day special.