2020 Feb 24

9 Funny Mugs That Would Make Your Day


Mugs have a superpower. They can make a big difference in someone’s day. Imagine you’re feeling down… It wasn’t your best day, but your eyes fall at one of these funny mugs at your friend’s desk. You giggle to yourself, look at your friends, and instantly feel better.

Sounds like something only superheroes would do. Just as it is with personalized T-shirts, customized mugs are useful items that can change your day for the better.

So, if you want to have that extraordinary power, here are some ideas that are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of you.

Ready to laugh?

Hey, hey, hey!


A woman holding a mug with Hey Hey Hey written on it

For anyone who wants to be greeted every morning with an energetic “Hey,” this mug has been created. The fun little accessory will make every morning special and welcome anyone who passes your way.

Simple and cute, it’s one of these funny mugs that can instantly make someone’s day.

Cool puns = Perfect funny mugs


A mug with a funny pun

Love a fun pun? How about having a mug on your desktop with a cheesy but also adorable pun?

Puns can make everything better, no matter how cheesy and old-fashioned. Clever wordplay is always smile-worthy. You can never tire of it. And every time you feel down, all it takes to feel better is just a glance at your favorite mug. It’s a mug with magic power!

Someone is watching


A funny mug on a yellow background with a cat watching you

Do you want someone to look after you? Then you have your dream mug. It’ll make sure you never feel alone. It will keep you company while you’re working or watching a movie with your loved one.

The quirky image will also guard the territory, making sure no one does anything wrong. The funny-looking cat is the ultimate morality police. It’d be tremendously difficult to steal a cookie or take a pen right under its nose.

For those who know how to laugh at themselves


A white mug with I came, I saw, I forgot what I was going

For all the forgetful souls who never have it together, we present an ironic mug that is sure to warn everyone what exactly you’re bad at. While good memory might not be exactly your strong suit, it doesn’t mean you should be ashamed of it.

You have plenty of positive qualities. And with this mug, you’ll clarify that humor is definitely one of them. It’s also one of these funny mugs that make excellent gifts for any occasion be it International Women’s Day or Valentine’s. Let your friend know how you feel about their forgetfulness. As inconvenient as it is, it’s probably what makes them so special.

Emotional recharging


A girl in a cozy sweater holding a mug with 'I am not lazy I am on energy saving mode' written on it

Great feel-good mug for anyone who wants other people to know that there is nothing wrong with being a little energy that most of the people. Sometimes being resourceful with our energy is healthy and actually should be on our priority list.

Laziness has a lousy reputation… But it shouldn’t be that way. Often, it’s the only right way to be.

Adulting is not easy


Cool custom white mug on a table with "Don't grow up it's a trap" written on it

When you get older, you quickly realize that adulting is anything but easy. If you have drowned in articles and books about the challenging art of adulting, this mug is for you.

It’s a friendly reminder for anyone on their way to adulthood that while physically you can’t do anything and grow up, you can always stay a child at heart. Yes, it’s a bit of a trap no one warns us about, but there ways to avoid it, and being childlike curious and optimistic is one of them.

If coffee feels like a life fuel


Coffee mug for coffee lovers with Better Latte Then Never caption on it

The next one is for all coffee lovers. Funny mugs for coffeeholic are about the best gift you can give. That way, you acknowledge their harmless addiction and remind them of something that brings them joy every day.

Fun and quirky this mug are for anyone with exceptional taste and wisdom.

Perfect for dog owners


Funny mugs with an illustration of a dog dragging his owner

This mug is a little more than just a cup — it’s an entire story. Just spend a second looking at it, we are sure you will come up with another 20 storylines for the image. That’s a power that an only cool mug can have! Funny, no matter how you turn it.

You will play with the mug, turning it back and forth only to appreciate the dorky image in front of you. We think it’s priceless. Truly an experience worth having right at your desk.

For space lovers


A white mug with an astronaut for introverts who need more space

A clever pun for anyone who can appreciate the beauty of space and enjoys having a big breathing room. Remind them and yourself to take a break. Besides that, it’s just a fun mug that will make any table look more spacious (we’re sorry for the pun). And that’s always a plus.

It’s also a brilliant gift idea for anyone who you know enjoys a bit of space. They will appreciate your attentiveness.

We all need more funny mugs!


Funny mugs are a life force… A laugh force, you can never have enough in your life.

So find an image that brings you joy and use it to create a custom mug, unique to you, and your sense of humor.