2017 Mar 22

What Are the Benefits Of Placing Your Print Orders Online?


If you are a small business owner with a need to have customized, branded, high quality printed materials produced, you must partner with a professional printing company. Traditionally, this meant personally meeting with representatives of printing firms, discussing your requirements with them, and asking quotations for the required work. This takes time – time that could be better invested in thinking of ways to further grow your business. The alternative? Placing your print orders online.

The Advantages of Online Printing

It makes doing business quick and easy

The proliferation of the internet in different areas of society has presented plenty of opportunities to make people’s lives easier. One such instance is in the way people do business in the print industry. With internet access, you can now ask for quotations from multiple service providers and printing firms without leaving the comforts of your own home or office. You can look for printing companies through your office laptop or home computer and directly request quotations for your specific requirements. Most companies will provide you a quote within two business days.

Compared to driving around Dubai and meeting with different consultants and representatives, placing print orders online is significantly easier, quicker, and more cost-effective.

Accurate communication of product specifications

In personal meetings, there is always the chance of miscommunication between two parties. One might mistakenly specify the number of prints needed, or another might misunderstand the measurements of a particular product. When you place print orders online, you can clearly and accurately coordinate the specifics of a project to your chosen service provider, thus minimizing mistakes.

On the side of the service provider, an online-based platform allows customers to indicate customization requirements with ease or choose from a gallery of templated options. On the other hand, customers benefit from being able to choose between varieties of templates, which lends consistency to the final product.

If a client already has a finalized design for his promotional product, platforms that allow customers to place print orders online often offer the option to upload a high-resolution copy of the design for easy replication. With this, customers and service providers can avoid errors in the application of the design, which can sometimes be miscommunicated in face to face meetings.

Finally, web-based printing portals almost always have an option to pay securely online. This means you no longer have to go to the bank to make a deposit for the payment, or write a cheque and hand it over to a business representative. The transaction to finalize the work can be made over the internet through a secure and private payment process for your peace of mind.